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Alaskan 3500S

This surprisingly original 3500S popped up on Facebook Marketplace in Anchorage, AK. Worth the bother? Maybe!

See first, read later? Here's the link.

This looks good. As far as these cars go, there are some tell tales that either make them or break them. The original coachline is still there. No matter how faded the paint, it hasn't been mucked about with in the Seventies, Eighties, Nineties or early Zeros. These cars never really warranted quality resprays and therefore a lot of them are really bad when they're done. Up to a point where they're hiding things that original paint won't conceal.

The interior suffers none of the UV damaged, baked that the South Western part of the US offers. And it has air-conditioning! The dash-rail is entirely straight. The formica is all there, the mirror isn't watered down like almost all of them are. It even has that little plastic cap in the drivers door for the most annoying buzzer ever. Ever.

Chrome and bumpers look good.

It might be worth finding out whether it's possible getting an Alaskan car down to the lower states or Canada. Internationally (Europe, Oz or NZ it won't matter - expensive it will always be. For the right price, this is easily the best project 3500S of the year.

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