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Factory Export 2000 TC on Long Island

This 1968 2000 TC is for sale on Long Island Craiglist by its original owner, who mentions he collected the car from the factory and watched it being built. From the tax disc and the Solihull registration by the factory, we can infer that the owner participated in the Personal Export programme set up and marketed by Rover in the mid to late Sixties. Under this programme, owners could collect their car from the factory, tour the UK or Europe, and have the car sent from any Rover dealer to their preferred dealership near or in their hometown at no extra charge.

Judging from the few pictures provided the car looks well taken care of over all these years of ownership and surely must be one of the best unrestored cars available on the market today. We're already curious about the stack of paperwork attached to the car! Finished in Arden Green with a Sandalwood interior, it has one of the best colour combinations available at the time, and whoever manages to do a deal with the owner surely buys something special. Find it here on Craigslist, and to the buyer, do get in touch!

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